Brand Architecture

At Signature Graphics, we are dedicated to bringing brands to life.

Working internally or with partners, we produce focused, efficient and effective brand solutions.

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Tyco Healthcare

A brand encompasses the identity of a distinctive product, service, business or concept.

Brands may be expressed in a variety of ways — in terms of logos, print or online publicity, or taking a more holistic approach, through customer service, sourcing, distribution, employment practices and operations.

Following analysis and measurement of brand, its market, its customers and operations, Signature Graphics’ branding process begins with an assessment of Brand Architecture (BA) — the structure of brands within an organization. From the BA, Signature Graphics then develops the brand’s definition: outlining the brand’s vision, values, and positioning.

The vision of the BA should be readily understood by employees, senior management, stakeholders and customers, helping to align them behind the brand’s objectives, as well as helping businesses achieve their vision faster and more effectively.

Defining the essence of a brand is especially important for mergers and acquisitions when eliminating areas of conflict and emphasizing shared strengths and opportunities.

Altogether, the elements of Brand Architecture combine to secure competitive advantage for your brand. At Signature Graphics, the BA is structured to help you manage your assets for maximum value. The BA pulls together all the brand’s influencing factors to determine, in a logical structured fashion, the brand’s highest potential value and its lowest risks for development.

Signature Graphics helps you to deliver real stakeholder value through business transformation, faster.