Undividual Inc.

Undividual Inc.

Consultant, coach, psychotherapist

Undividual Inc. is a business venture that was started to offer the services of our client who was a consultant, coach and psychotherapist. Undividual’s ideal client is a human being courageous enough to seek the help of a psychotherapist. Undividual’s role is assisting individuals in uncovering strengths and strategies for overcoming the issues with which they present.

Undividual’s specialty is working with folks in a way that helps them to truly love and forgive themselves -- that frees them to be happy in the world -- including lots of work with examining old beliefs and developing newer, healthier ones.

Signature Graphics created a branding strategy and an integrated identity to establish Undividual’s unique services which are focused on clients who are searching to resolve challenges and issues in their lives.

A combination of psychology and social work helps in expansion and growth.