Time is money. We save both.

Using ProofreadNOW is like having the services of a giant army of careful English teachers working for you on a moment’s notice.

From simple spelling and grammar mistakes to complicated syntactical errors, ProofreadNOW’s methodology finds everything and points the way toward a much better document.

Work is submitted in complete confidence, thoroughly proofread and quickly returned to the client -- all at their web site. ProofreadNOW helps document producers of all types, from the largest publishing houses to individuals, in all writing categories.

Signature Graphics first helped organize its brand structure. Next, we honed in on its audience We put in place a new brand identity concept to target the audience: “Time is money. We save both.”

To enhance the concept even further, colorful and creative direct mail pieces, as well as corporate identity packages, including brochures and sell sheets, were developed to unify the company’s brand awareness.

ProofreadNOW gets its work to the point where it is mistake-free, clear, and publishable -- quickly, easily, and confidentially -- every day.