The Paraclete Foundation

The Paraclete Foundation

Enriching young lives through education

The Paraclete Foundation provides an arena in which innovative people can come together and find ways to make meaningful differences in the education of the underserved.

Paraclete began in 1997 with the opening of the Paraclete Academy, an amazing after-school educational enrichment program for South Boston youth. Paraclete has since been the incubator for three private middle schools, one in Rwanda which collaborates on other educational projects.

The Paraclete Foundation has faced a visual and consistency issue as it has developed through the years. The problem was magnified by the fact that brand development lay in the hands of many individuals. It was a challenge for the brand to be executed correctly across the organization.

A redesign of the Paraclete identity by Signature Graphics resulted in a complete collateral system that covered stationery, signage, brochures, presentation templates, co-branding guidelines, and forms.

One constant challenge was to ensure the integrity of the new, updated brand across a diverse network, including the ever-evolving website. Signature Graphics built an effective and efficient digital brand management system that allowed the Paraclete Foundation to systematically use consistent and brand approved imagery.

Ongoing revisions are underway to incorporate all divisional sites into one learning center.