Ipswich Clambake

Ipswich Clambake

Something to rave about

Whether you’re looking for local seafood from Ipswich Clambake’s fresh Seafood Market, have a craving for delicately fried Ipswich clams or are planning a special catered event, Ipswich Clambake’s kitchens are fired up all year long to serve you delicious fried, baked and grilled creations… always homemade -- always fresh.

Their Catering Division, founded in 1976, has an extensive list of innovative menus which were developed from their attention to customer feedback. Whether it’s a clambake, wedding, BBQ, picnic, corporate outing or special celebration, Ipswich Clambake has the perfect recipes to stir up a stellar event.

By creating a strong branding strategy and brand architecture, Signature Graphics quickly developed a format to showcase their services and products. We designed, developed and implemented a website that included a customized database that the client could change daily to reflect new items and prices for their Catering and Restaurant businesses. Branding required photography of all their menu items and a detailed list of their options. From day one, the new website was a hit.

What you see is what we serve! Let us bring you the catch of the day!