Institute for Laryngology

Institute for Laryngology and Voice Restoration

Working with Julie Andrews, Roger Daltrey and Steven Tyler on a national platform

The Institute of Laryngology and Voice Restoration (ILVR) was founded in 2003 by a small group of committed patients suffering from throat, larynx and voice problems. We live in a communications-based world in which effective vocal expression is of paramount importance.

The ILVR directors became determined to bring state-of-the-art care that they received to all patients through public awareness and education to fund further breakthrough medical solutions based on creative research including the development of highly specialized lasers and other surgical techniques.

Working under extremely tight deadlines, Signature Graphics created strong branding strategies and a corporate identity program that needed to present some of the most extraordinary surgical procedures and research results. ILVR’s branding inspired a vibrant, new, corporate culture, drove new approaches to communications, and transformed the way the company expresses itself both verbally and visually.

With the help of the ILVR as well as committed surgeons, scientists and voice therapists, there is now the promise that the voices of individuals with even the most serious damage can be successfully restored and that voice loss may mostly disappear in the not-so-distant future.