Indoor Environmental

Indoor Environmental

Creating a healthy haven

Indoor Environmental Systems, Inc. (IES) provides building environmental assessments and healthy home services which include mold removal, sealed crawl spaces, insulation, ventilation, filtration, solar panels, and rain water banagement. IES manufactures the patent pending Fresh Air Ventilation Systems, Radiant Barrier Attic Ladder Cover System, and the EcoSmart Carbon Furnace Filters.

IES retrofits homes using proven state-of-the-art technologies which make homes more energy efficient -- with improved insulation, ventilation, and filtration and solar energy generation.

We helped create a strong branding strategy for direct mail pieces and special promotions for rebates and discounts. Effective use of targeted mailing lists increased the ROI for this client. The brand architecture incorporate consistent brand identity and vibrant, energetic design and color schemes.

Reduce energy costs while improving indoor air quality and self-sufficiency -- a winning formula.