Granite City Electric

Granite City Electric

We do it right, now!

Granite City Electric was founded in 1923 in the Granite City of Quincy, Massachusetts. For 83 years Granite City Electric has served electrical contractors and home owners, with the finest electrical products backed by knowledgeable professionals with many years of experience in electrical and lighting products, design, and contracting. From its roots in Eastern Massachusetts, Granite City Electic has expanded into 4 other New England states, serving thousands of electrical contractors and the general public from 24 convenient locations and distribution centers.

Granite City has flourished in the age of the home improvement superstore by listening to what customers need and providing them with products and services that deliver outstanding quality and value. Service, support, and the expertise and dedication of Granite City Electric's employees have always been key ingredients of its success.

Signature Graphics developed several direct mail campaigns by creating a strong brand strategy. We updated and streamlined the company's existing corporate identity. The brand was simplified and streamlined to ensure that the brand communicated Granite City Electric's identity. We used the bright colors of blue and yellow to suggest Granite City’s environmental consciousness: an important initiative undertaken by the company.

Service, selection, convenience and price. That's Granite City Electric.