Digital marketing and event solutions

Cramer fuses creativity and technology to develop rewarding brand experiences that help its clients engage their most important audiences. By empowering employees with the tools, resources and knowledge needed to produce unparalleled results, Cramer gets it. With a team of talented professionals, developing a smart solution with measurable results is a product of its collaborative environment.

At Signature Graphics, we have realized that eventhough some of our clients may have talented in-house creative teams, this does not mean that they can solve all their own problems. It’s kind of like the professional landscaper who takes care of everyone else’s yard except his own.

We were hired to make some strong branding strategies and brand architecture for its corporate identity. After a full analysis of the differentiating brand cultures, we drew out the Cramer brand personality.

Now, Cramer can do what it does best -- listen, think, create, develop and deliver -- every time.