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For over 25 years, Signature Graphics has been combining branding and technology to create insightful design and marketing strategies.

Design Strategies

Supporting Your Packaging + Brand Identities

Signature Graphics prides itself on creating, supporting, and maintaining enduring brands with real competitive advantage, using tried and tested branding processes to help leaders meet their strategic objectives and to deliver real stakeholder value. Branding is the only business discipline that is able not only to articulate a new business vision but also to realign an organization’s structure, culture, assets and customer perceptions behind a new business focus or strategy. Branding is therefore an ideal business tool for organizations undergoing substantial change. Catalysts for substantial business change may include: new leadership, a new business strategy, market changes, new investments, preparation for IPO or de-listing, the need for renewed competitive advantage, market consolidation, divestment, pre-merger analysis and due diligence and post-merger integration.